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Each ClickBank's Marketplace of products listed in it comes to product, a brief description of it, even as the category in which the product was listed in a number of statistics.

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What do you find the rest of the post are what each statistic that you can see each product, Clickbank Marketplace explanations refer to:

AVG $ / sale - This determines how much you can expect to earn (on average) of each sale are referring to.

The original $ / sale - This refers to how much you get paid every time someone to whom you are referring to buying the product.

AVG% / Sale - as a percentage of value is the sum of (percentage) that the retailer has offered to you, as an affiliate of each individual sales are referring to (usually this file as Hoovers about 50-75 per cent).

AVG Rebill Total - This column appears only if the customers have to pay a repeating payment (referred to, they must be made either monthly, annually or Bimonthly payment to stay subscribed, and be able to have permanent access to product features). The sum, which is given in this column is the estimated amount, which receives (You can get paid for, and whenever someone to whom you are making the periodical payments) per customer.

AVG% / Rebill - similar to the Avg Rebill total, this column appears only if the product is a service requires customers to make a recurring payment. Percentage of states, is here (in percentage), you will receive (fees) than repeated the charge.

Grav - this number refers to the individual subsidiaries that have successfully promoted (and sell) the product number of the 8-week period.

Cat - the category in which this product is listed.

Then, if you have logged in and you hit the "Like" button, it logs page Facebook wall (with an affiliate link) - the product, so whenever someone clicks on the link and buys a product, you can get paid to Clickbank recently taken from Facebook-like button - the button.

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I hope that this post, now you have a better understanding of what each statistic, each Clickbank product variants supplied with the means.

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